My Works: ‘Token’ VFX Augmented Reality Short Film (2017)

Token [Augmented Reality VFX film . 5 min 42 sec ]

COMPLETED & SCREENED in August 2017, As part of an individual final year project (Animation, Visual Effects) for School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University

*Director/ Art Direction & Post production 
(Visual Effects + Animation & Audio-Post)

Synopsis: “A young boy from a monochromatic space follows a game token and enters another dimension, where one is given the ability to interact with murals. Being lost in a different world, he finds a second boy who challenges him to a race to retrieve his lost coin.”

Poster and collaterals, and booth design (click to enlarge) completed by myself.

Some VFX Techniques involved include:

Green screen shooting & keying
Tracking & rotoscoping
3D camera projection, 2D & 3D compositing
3D lighting & rendering, CG/ digital matte painting
Particle simulation
3D texturing & (2D + 3D) animation

+ Motion graphics title and credit sequences

Completed a total of 133 VFX shots, and 1 minute title and credit sequences. The film is a play of one’s imagination and the combination of 2D graphics and live action elements.

Motion graphics credit sequence (Still shots):

Behind the scenes (On-Set):

*Follow the journey of making this film, from pre-visualisation to completion – read ALL blog posts here.

Selected posts:

Part 01 – The idea

Part 02 – Preproduction

Part 03 – Preproduction 2

Part 04 – Shooting

*Full playlist for this film on YouTube, including trailers and step-by-step making of clips:


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